So What Will You Do Today Mr. President?

A friend of mine recently replied to my “Battalion Commander” rant by directing me to the White House website where the President’s daily schedule is posted at…

President Obama - enjoying another round of golf
President Obama – enjoying another round of golf

As my friend remarks, “The President starts his day around 10:00 am and ends it about 2:00 pm, usually with an hour or two lunch in the middle. After the day ends, he’s off to a fund-raiser or a party.  Period.  He doesn’t have time to get any briefings.  The man only works about 15-20 hours a week.  No kidding.”

You can say to yourself, “Ya, but there’s probably a lot going on that isn’t on that schedule.” Maybe. Maybe you should check on the President’s schedule for a couple of weeks as my friend suggests and decide for yourself. Bounce that schedule off of what you’re seeing happening around the country and around the world. You’re watching that stuff… right?

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