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Memorial Day 2013

Hopefully you all in the middle of a long Memorial Day weekend.  As it happens I know each of you quite well and I know that despite the fact that I have political differences of opinion with some of you I know you all to be solid patriots who know the value of military service

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Obama’s 10-Step Playbook

“He acts as if he’s suddenly stumbled on the scene of an accident and is trying to catch up” – Charles Krauthammer, Fox News contributor of President Obama’s remarkable response to the plethora of scandals he faces; he simply claims that he has no idea what happened! In the midst of the IRS scandal, the AP/Fox

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Denver Police Response Time

Denver Police response time was an abysmal 14 minutes and 21 seconds in 2011 – well above the national average of about 9 minutes.  But in 2012 it got much worse!  In 2012 the response time lengthened to an incredible 16 minutes and 50 seconds! YA!  Hey, let’s pass a bunch of asinine new anti-gun

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Obama; “al Qaeda is Nearly Defeated”

At a time when al Qaeda and their numerous splinter groups are quite active all over the world, at a time when homegrown Jihadist terrorists are springing up in places like Boston, London, Paris and many other places, our President gives us this… “President Obama said Thursday that al Qaeda is nearly defeated and the

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So What Will You Do Today Mr. President?

A friend of mine recently replied to my “Battalion Commander” rant by directing me to the White House website where the President’s daily schedule is posted at… As my friend remarks, “The President starts his day around 10:00 am and ends it about 2:00 pm, usually with an hour or two lunch in the

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Our Battalion Commander

Here in Afghanistan thousands of miles from America we do something that some of you will be familiar with but many of you will not.  It’s called a Battle Update Brief, or “BUB”, and it happens every day here. The purpose of a BUB is to brief our Battalion Commander on the things going on

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Arrogance and the Abuse of Power

By now you should know that the IRS is in some pretty deep trouble.  The White House is in full defense mode.  You’d think that there would be some people fired and some careers ruined by now trying to do damage control, huh? Nope.  Check this out. ABC News reports that the person that was

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Leave No Man Behind… Four Hours Out

The phrase “leave no man behind” has long been a foundational concept among America’s fighting men and women.  The Army’s Warrior Ethos states “I will never leave a fallen comrade.”  The Air Force’ Airman’s Creed pledges “I will never leave an Airman behind.”  The Army Ranger’s Creed proclaims “Never shall I fail my comrades,” and “Readily will

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