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President Obama Declares U.S. “Zero Civilian Casualty” Policy

During his speech to the 2014 graduating class at West Point President Obama said; “There are times when those actions [here he’s speaking about unilateral direct military action against terrorists] are necessary and we cannot hesitate to protect our people.  But as I said last year, in taking direct action, we must uphold standards that

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President’s “Climate Change” Remarks at West Point Graduation

There’s been a lot of criticism of President Obama’s remarks at the 2014 West Point graduation on 28 May.  Among the more controversial statements he made were his remarks on “climate change.” Here are his full remarks about the subject; “That spirit of cooperation needs to energize the global effort to combat climate change, a

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Free-Fire Zones: Our Military Installations Are Defenseless

The Problem: As I watch the shooting situation at Fort Hood unfold today I am struck by the many misunderstandings closely held by the media and the pundits.  Americans hate situations where there is no clear, single solution, and for these sorts of shootings there is no easy solution, so they tend to jump to

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Without Rule of Law is primarily a political commentary blog.  I am certainly no fan of our current administration or the outrageous things I see happening in America every day from new assaults on our Second Amendment rights to our ballooning national debt.  While I believe that ultimately our slide toward Socialism and the erosion of our Constitutional rights

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Reality Check – Part 1: We Got Trouble

Introduction: I’ve been trying to get this article written and up on my site for about a couple of months now.  I finally got the motivation I needed to finish it (at least this first part) a couple of days ago when President Obama finally provided the nation and the world with the details of

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Russians in Crimea

I guess we could have seen this coming; Hey President Obama – a scorpion is still a scorpion! WH warns yesterday that “we will stand with the international community in stating that there will be costs for any military intervention into Ukraine”. That means absolutely nothing.  In fact to my mind it conjures up the

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4th Estate… or 5th Column?

Here’s another rant from a respected member of me crew – it’s that damned Scotsman again! “For them to keep believing in their worldview, they must lie to even themselves.” “Can you imagine what our political situation would look like if we had an actual non-partisan, watchdog media? In other words, if the media actually

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Notice Ta Me Crew!

Make no mistake; although I do count myself with the TEA Party, in Nov 2014 and again in Nov 2016 I will vote straight Republican Party line, and I don’t care if Bozo the Clown is leading the ticket. I have stated many times that I now consider myself to be a TEA Party member,

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