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What is Capitalism?

In 2008 Michelle Obama said “Someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”  Really?  If you believe that then you’re either a moron (likely) or a Communist (also probably likely.) Leftist redistributionist philosophy is total crap! The idea that as the rich get

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America’s Withdrawal

Contrary to popular belief I regularly watch CNN and MSNBC so that I am aware of the version of the state of the world they are spoon-feeding to the American people.  I can tell you that America is being lulled into a false sense of security by the Liberal-controlled mainstream media.  As America continues its

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The Man Who Would Be King

I went to bed the 12th of January, Tuesday evening, not wanting to watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Over the past seven years I’ve really tried not to hate the man, but at this point as he watches the world burn and concentrates instead on demonizing me for my personal and religious

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The Mad Scot on Hillary, Immigration and Such

Here’s a bit from me First Mate… The Mad Scot! Republican = 206, Democrat = 247, Neutral = 85 The “Demmies” just love themselves some illegal immigrants!  Each blue state you see there has been blue in every Presidential election since 1992. A couple o’ hundred thousand new voters in Florida, much less a couple million

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Divide and Rule

Most of us have heard the term “divide and conquer” although we may not necessarily know exactly what it means. In military tactics “divide and conquer” can apply to defeating a large opposing force by breaking it into smaller, more easily defeated units. In everyday life “divide and conquer” can apply to solving a large,

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Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel!

There seems to be some confusion at the moment (Tuesday, April 7th 2015) about where we currently stand on our negotiations with Iran on its nuclear weapons program (and that’s exactly what it is folks.) Have we signed a treaty with Iran? If not when do we expect to do that? If we do sign a

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Iran’s Nuclear Deadline

Today is Tuesday, the 31st of March, and it’s the deadline set for the completion of negotiations with Iran concerning their nuclear program by the US State Department – whether it’s true purpose is for peaceful power generation or for producing nuclear weapons… or both. While little is known about Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations

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Apparently It ‘Takes a Village’ to Defeat ISIS

The recent White House “Summit to Counter Violent Extremism” (18-20 Feb, 2015) probably cost taxpayers a million dollars. Seriously. All those diplomats and religious scholars travelling from all around the world to attend that thing. Undoubtedly the Secret Service provided all the additional security. I bet the State Department footed the bill for lodging and

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