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The Deal

I am watching the news this morning here from Kabul and seeing the “deal” that the Republicans have cut with the Democrats – more like surrender in my opinion – and I see that still there is no end in sight to our government’s glut of overspending.  This “deal” brings us no closer to any

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Search Google for TEA Party and the TEA Party’s official website – – shows up as the 5th link offered. Search Google for Republican Party and their site – – is the 4th link down the page. Search Google for Democratic Party and there it is right at the top of the page…

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Government Shutdown

I haven’t spoken out yet about this government shutdown.  I was actually undecided about whether or not it was the correct course of action.  We still have the debt ceiling debate to get through, not to mention the toxic – perhaps nuclear – fallout that will inevitably ensue amongst the “low information voters”… “Low information

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UN Arms Treaty a Menace for Years to Come

Several weeks ago one of my relatives expressed concern about the US becoming a signatory to the UN Arms Trade Treaty – the ATT.  At that time I assured her that there was no chance of this treaty being   ratified, and I hold to that.  I also expressed that I fully expected the US to

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An Open Letter to President Obama

Mr. President:                                                                                                            26 Sep 13 I be Captain Shivers, the Blind Pirate, and I wanted to take some time out of me pillaging this morning to write to about the recent attacks in Kenya I’ve been watched on the news. Having heard you recently state your belief that the forces of al Qaeda are “on the

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Nation Throws Tantrum, Learns Syria a Complex, Nuanced Issue

Recently a friend of mine pointed out that his website – where there are actual words that someone would have to read in order to understand the content there – was an abysmal failure, while his YouTube channel of short videos was ‘great success!’ This got me thinking that maybe the majority of you (all

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Phony Scandals? Obama and the Media Agree on That!

When it comes to overspending, exploiting American rights for American security, pork-barreling, and playing politics with the critical issues that face our country, are Republicans just as bad as Democrats sometimes?  Yes, they are.  They’re all career politicians. Is Obama far and away the worst President that America could have elected – and then RE-ELECTED

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The Red Pill – Apathy in America

A relative of mine asked me this morning about the investiture many (most?) of our politicians have in a stock market about which they often have what in the private sector would only be called ‘insider information.’  My response was term limits.  That lead of course to an exchange about how best to accomplish that,

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