Here’s me most recent observations o’the state of the seas on me horizon!

An assertion is a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.  If the assertion is a clearly proven fact (or a statement supported by clearly proven facts), things pretty much have to stop there – or, at least they should stop there.  Facts are, after all, well… facts. Read more
What Matters to 46.4% of Americans
Last night President Trump visited Bashar al-Assad with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles built right here in the good ‘ol U S of A, and a lot more Americans than Liberals really want to believe wholeheartedly approve of that move. Read more
Obama’s Real Legacy Is Trump’s Inheritance
Do you recall the scene in J.R.R. Read more
It’s a Dangerous Life
Police live dangerous lives.  They risk their lives when they put on their uniforms each morning; many don’t even dare wear their uniforms from their homes to their stations for fear of retribution toward their families. Read more
Here It Comes!
I wrote an article back in September of this year titled “Some of you just lost your right to buy a firearm… no really – I mean it!” The gist of that article is this… “Effective September 1st of this year the U.S. Read more
The Last Apology Tour
I am shocked by the fact that the Liberal leaders of Europe have the gall to ask President Obama how America could possibly elect a man like Donald Trump to the office of President... and I am sickened by the fact my President has the gall to try to offer an explanation. Read more
A Liberal Tantrum
As I write this (November 12th), Liberal anarchists are rioting in downtown Portland… for the third night in a row now.  In fact, there are riots in more than a dozen major cities across America tonight… for the third night in a row. Read more

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